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How does the NFT marketplace Generate Revenue? (
1 point by cathrinesteve 511 days ago | web | 1 comment

NFTs have become a promising field for businesses in the crypto space, one such business module is the NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace is a platform where you can sell, buy, bid & mint NFTs. These marketplaces are the medium that connects the admirer and artist, making it a vast space for yielding revenue. Some of the well-known NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, Solanart, etc. OpenSea NFT marketplace reportedly generated a revenue of $365 Million, they also have a large community with over a million active users. These marketplaces have a mind-blowing turnover and their business model helps to transact the NFTs in a secure way. These NFT marketplaces make revenue utilizing two prominent factors, they are: Transaction Fees - NFT Marketplaces charge transaction fees for each transaction, some marketplaces charge transaction fees only to the seller while others charge for both seller and buyer. Minting Fees - Your users are required to pay certain fees to mint and list their NFT creations in the NFT marketplace. Some platforms are charging inclusive gas fees. The above-mentioned are the common factors that help an NFT marketplace make a profitable business model. Though it looks like a simple way and minimum fee, these marketplaces make a huge sum from these revenue-generating streams. Even you can start your NFT marketplace to earn a fruitful income. How to start your NFT marketplace? As the demand for the NFT grew tremendously, the revenue from the marketplaces is becoming proportional to the need in the market, making it a thriving business. These NFT marketplaces are generally developed in two methods, Developing from scratch Using a white-label NFT marketplace The scratch development method is a high-cost method. It consumes a long time to develop your NFT marketplace, in this method you have to develop the entire software from the scratch. But white-label NFT marketplace is a pre-developed NFT marketplace software that works seamlessly similar to an existing NFT marketplace. You can modify your NFT marketplace according to your business preference and you can launch it instantly within a week. It’s a cost-effective way to launch your NFT marketplace. But now, where to get the best white-label NFT marketplace? These NFT marketplaces can be launched easily with the help of development service providers. These development service providers provide you with a high-quality white-label NFT marketplace. There is a huge number of service providers in the market. But finding the best service providers among others is such a difficult task. To ease this thing, I do some research and I found Fire Bee Techno Services as the best white-label NFT marketplace provider. They successfully completed 200+ projects and have good ratings and reviews for their projects. You can check them out if you’re about to start your own business in the NFT world and get FREE DEMO and FREE consultancy regarding the white-label NFT marketplace and other blockchain-related technologies from their experts. Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 7397571188 Mail: Or just get started with the free demo of the white label NFT marketplace here.