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Show DT: DataTau opensourced – Django based HN clone (
9 points by pedro_munoz 1258 days ago | web | 1 comment

Hi DT, As promised, we open sourced the app powering, a Data Science newsboard based on HN. To give it some context, original site (in .com domain) has been down from May 15, so we cloned it and continued the project (got no answer from original maintainers of the site). We published it on HN last weekend and made to the front page for some hours. We have no previous experience with open source projects more than opening some pull requests, so any help from you guys is very welcomed. In case you want to start a community based on HN style and feel (and do not like alternatives like for some reason), this repo can be a good starting point. Not all HN functionalities are implemented and there are lots of things to polish and improve, but the core is there.