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Ask DT: Non-technical introductions to data science for students? (None)
3 points by ex3xu 1260 days ago | web | 1 comment

I have a younger nontechnical friend of the family who has recently graduated with a degree in public policy, but her coursework was light on math and she expressed an interest in learning more about data science over the summer before she heads off to grad school next year. So I'm looking for resources that could be considered light and digestible enough for a nontechnical, somewhat burnt-out humanities major, but with enough concrete information and techniques to potentially be of practical value for a potential future decision maker. My Google quest so far ended up with Nate Silver's Signal and the Noise, and I was considering something like that Harvard Kennedy School course that was on HN recently: but having no real experience with these resources and having just gotten wind of this site, I would appreciate if there was someone more knowledgeable than me who could offer their perspective.