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Gaming… We have seen this activity go from being just a means of entertainment and engagement to becoming a serious thing… So serious that people have started to look at gaming as a means of earning their livelihood. Perhaps, one of the greatest points of inflection to happen to the world of gaming was when it transcended from heavy desktop devices to the versatility of light handheld devices.

Except for spreading the word about the game, the world of gaming and the Internet did not have a lot in common. At least this continued to be so for a long time. Remember how games used to be purchased in the early part of this millennium? People used to go to physical stores to purchase the game compact discs/DVDs or have them mailed physically to their home addresses.

The concept of the metaverse has transcended straight from the world of science-fiction into reality… And it has happened so in one of the most prolific and dramatic fashions. The possibilities with the metaverse have been growing exponentially… And it would not be an exaggeration to say that the metaverse is something that overtakes the pace dictated by Moore’s law when it comes to development.

The blockchain, the revolutionary decentralized and distributed ledger has been instrumental in transforming the perception of so many things including but not limited to currency. For a long time, cryptocurrency was known to be the only massive and prominent manifestation of the blockchain. As time went by, people started to create different manifestations of the blockchain.

There are different avenues that the introduction of the blockchain unveiled over the last few years opening up opportunities for people to make money. While the mining of crypto could be considered a timeless classic, people need to have some extraordinary computing power and spend inordinate amounts of electricity in solving the ever-increasingly complex cryptographic equations to add a block.

Gaming and finance… Never would people have thought about a time when these two aspects considered to be polar opposites would find a parallel and almost-congruent mention. Today, the landscape of gaming has changed, introducing a new portmanteau of gaming and finance called GameFi.

If a virtual world without an individual existence of a gamer can be so interesting, intriguing, and immersive, just imagine how awesome the world of gaming would be if you were to have your own unique identity in the digital world?! This is precisely what the metaverse is capable of. In the gaming metaverse, you can establish an identity of your own, and with the infinite possibilities, own virtual real estate, trade them, rent them out, or invest even within the ecosystem to purchase things outside the ecosystem! This makes the prospect of giving more interesting and lucrative, opening up opportunities for more people to participate and earn from the metaverse.

Sports NFT marketplaces… They might have sprouted today like mushrooms after rain all over the place. It cannot, however, be denied that they are extremely relevant to the existing NFT consumption ecosystem.

Metaverse… The term has transcended right from science fiction into reality… And it has also become prominent in the recent past. The metaverse opens up possibilities of an uncompromisingly unique virtual existence that might not have been possible until recently.

You could bring the most useful technology that might benefit the masses but if there is no way for the technology to experience the growth that it requires to penetrate the most remote areas, all the advantages will fall flat and all the technical expertise that went into shaping this technology will be rendered obsolete. Web3 is right now at this juncture. It requires something really special to catalyze the growth of Web3.

The world might be very comfortable talking about a lot of bass words like blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and a lot of other new manifestations of the distributed digital ledger. However, in most cases, people do not understand the complexity and the intricacy that goes behind the words “block” and “chain.”

Cryptocurrency staking is not new in the market. Users stake their cryptocurrencies, adding rewards to their wallets. In simple terms, staking follows the same roadmap of saving deposits. However, in this case, you will deposit your cryptocurrencies instead.

Employment and jobs have always focused on maximizing the utilization of available skills. Although educational qualifications might serve as one of the indicators of employability, modern workforce theories have postulated that qualifications have got nothing to do with the employability of a person, especially when they are fresh out of college.

The break of every new decade has always inspired people to set targets on how that time will be. We have seen people like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India, envision India as a superpower in the year 2020. has been garnering accolade after accolade ever since its first drop of playable cricket NFTs, and having sold 55,000 NFTs in less than 10 minutes and in releasing the world’s first-ever P2E cricket game, the Meta Cricket League! Today, yet another feather gets added to the cap of

Web3 is the newest trend in the gaming world and it is trending for all the right reasons. Even if it was not trending, it has all the reasons and credentials to become the de facto gaming standard of the future.

The idea of playing games to earn money might have sounded like the biggest oxymoron of all time until recently. Today, just like how every leisure activity can become a standard source of income, gaming has also acquired that garnish, making it maybe not a serious profession (at least not yet!) but definitely a dependable source of gig income.

Gaming and earning have always been considered to be oxymorons. It would have been unbelievable if anyone were to say that you could earn a living or at least some money just by playing games. No… We are not talking about how you could participate in game tournaments, emerge as the winner, and get some money outside the gaming ecosystem. We are talking about a system where your earning money is inherent to the game itself.

A lot of people have realized the potential and value of NFTs. However, there are still some people who say “I have a screenshot! Why do I need the NFT?” It is for these people that NFT gamification has been introduced.

Gamification… This term has been in vogue ever since the middle of the previous decade. Mundane and boring processes that offer nothing more than pure utility are not being accepted by people anymore… Because there were a million others who offered the same experience. It, therefore, became mandatory for organizations to create experiences that were engaging, exciting, and intriguing.

Anyone who has been staying up to date with news from the technology world has inevitably heard of the Metaverse. The Metaverse, as a concept, was first introduced in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, Snow Crash.

The word “Fi“ has always been confined to the audio quality space, implying fidelity. None of us can forget the powerful marketing message held in the word “hi-fi“ audio. Recently, however, the word ‘fi’ has found a new accomplice in finance. The credit for this transformation has to be given to the ushering in of decentralized finance, commonly abbreviated DeFi. The addition of the word “Fi“ has been largely used to describe different pockets of finance. The latest to join the bandwagon is gaming finance, commonly abbreviated GameFi.

Play-to-earn games have often been criticised for compromising graphics and storytelling in favour of earning. In contrast, the play-and-earn model champions gameplay that is front and centre, and earning is something that happens parallelly. By re-emphasizing the importance of storytelling in gameplay, play-and-earn gaming promises to be a system that would be more enjoyable than just earning.

Non Fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, have definitely taken the world by storm. NFTs are unique and irreplaceable digital representations of real-life and digitally curated assets, they reside on the immutable digital ledger called the blockchain. NFTs are the hottest selling assets in the crypto domain. It all started with one digital painting by the renowned digital artist Beeple selling it out for a staggering $70 million to MetaKovan.

Play to earn is a niche space in the web3 ecosystem. The NFTs and their outstanding possibilities in the meta world haven’t been hidden from any. To highlight the market, NFTs have achieved around an $18.5 Billion market cap in the year 2021, which states the growth of this domain and its future aspects. Play -to- earn amalgamated in the whole ecosystem of web3, has developed a unique economy.

Good day fam! Playing MCL is always a rewarding experience, isn’t it? Well… now, it’s gonna get even more rewarding… more than ever! brings you the Big Mad Winnings (BMW) contest. Before we open you up to the method to participate in the contest, let’s tell you what the prizes are… we believe that it’s gonna entice you to participate, however tough it is.

Web3 has redefined and reinvented gaming for everyone. People who have emerged themselves in this novel world of gaming will know that Web3, through NFTs, not only provides people with complete ownership of their gaming assets but also opens up opportunities for gamers to earn money through playing games, commonly referred to as P2E games.

Gone are the days when gaming and the web were disconnected – they are now interconnected and connected! A couple of decades ago, the way to get your new game was to purchase CD-ROMs. While the technologically more exposed people would resort to ordering them online, most mortals would resort to buying them from retail stores.

Histories of businesses, assets, and investments have proved that if they can be a possibility of utility without imposed ownership, that asset class is bound to grow bigger and better. We have seen that happen with real estate… Ever since rentals stepped in, people started to invest voraciously in the real estate segment only because they could earn some passive income from them. We have seen the same happen with cars… And the possibility of using a service without owning the asset that enables you to utilize that service has even created new economies altogether. We are sure none of us can forget how Uber changed the world not just for transportation but for almost every service!