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Google’s Summer Announcement Season - Google I/O 2022 (
1 point by datavizz 39 days ago | web | 1 comment

It’s that time of the year – It’s Google’s summer announcement season, and we can’t keep calm. I/O 2022 kicked off on 11th May to highlight new software and a few hardware announcements. Every year, Google hosts this once-in-a-year developer’s conference where both developers, as well as end-users, would know – “what’s new?”. In Google’s I/O conference for developers, glimpses of the next version of Android devices and Google services are usually seen. Developer communities from all over the world gather to learn, communicate, make connections, and have fun. As per the law of tech events, Google is offering live streaming of the I/O keynotes. However, you can get an overview of what happened in Google I/O 2022 from this blog in only 10 minutes.