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Google I/O 2022 in 10 Minutes (
1 point by datavizz 40 days ago | web | 1 comment

Google I/O is the annual stage for the tech giant to boast about its yearly achievements while showcasing lights on the progress of its various products. Google I/O 2022 can be summarized into 24 new languages, 86 billion eco-friendly routes, 6 new pixel products, 500k flutter-built apps, AR-powered eyeglasses, a new physical Google Store, and many new interesting features for developers. While Google ignited the curiosity spark in everyone, we are sure, like us, you are looking forward to this technically superpowered year and witnessing Google’s theme come true – “Built to Last”. Which release excites you the most? It’s AR-powered eyeglasses for us! Let us know your pick in the comments. Also, check out our exclusive data management services, cloud consulting services, voice app development services, and security engineering services. We are your cloud’s one-stop solution!