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Why Did Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Fail? The Art Of Crushing Instagram.-Bizadmark (
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Instagram marketing strategy is a strategic step by step action plan on how to use Instagram for marketing so that you achieve your business goals within your available resources. Always remember that a marketing strategy is always unique. That’s the main reason why you can not copy someone else’s and use it for your Instagram, it is probably one of the reasons why your Instagram marketing strategy failed. If you will do that, you will not establish yourself as a unique brand but just another name in the crowd doing the same thing. Having a unique Instagram marketing strategy is the first step of standing out in the crowd and also for the long term survival in the market.CLICK TO TWEET For learning more about strategies, you can check out our earlier blogs. In this blog, we are mainly going to discuss marketing control and how it affects your business. What Is An Instagram Marketing Control? Instagram marketing control means regularly and religiously measuring the results of your Instagram marketing strategy and taking corrective actions to improve those. This step makes sure that your Instagram marketing train stays on the right track. If you ignore this, soon your train will reach a destination that you never set up or never even wanted. Steps For Instagram Marketing Control What Are The Steps For Instagram Marketing Control? Marketing control is generally a four-step process and these steps are – Goal Setting Marketing control starts when you know what you are trying to achieve on Instagram. That’s why it is very important to have a list of goals you are trying to achieve by being on Instagram. Once you have set up your Instagram marketing goals, it will be easier for you to keep a track of which goals you are hitting and which you are not. If you don’t have any Instagram goals, then you’re just struggling in a huge sea and hoping that one day your random hand and leg movements will turn into a swimming position which will help you survive out there. I am not arguing that it can’t happen but what are the chances? Are you willing to waste your time and energy for such a small possibility? So, why not start by setting up some goals. Having goals will help you in strategizing all your Instagram marketing efforts according to that. And you will be in a better position to know what to post on Instagram and why? Measuring The Performance This is a very common mistake I have seen people make and it is probably one of the most important reason why your Instagram marketing strategy failed. Most of the people remember to set up their goals but then they forget to measure those up. Let’s not forget that having Instagram marketing goals but not measuring them up is equal to having no goals. If you are not measuring your performance on Instagram, you will not find out if your actions are helping your business or hurting your business. What if whatever you’re doing on Instagram is just a waste of your resources? Time is a very important resource for a business owner and you can save plenty of that by just measuring your performance. It can save you from future disappointments and save up your resources as well. why instagram marketing failed Evaluating The Causes Of Any Difference When you measure your performance, you get two data sets in your hands – one data set is related to your expected goals and one is related to your actual performance. Now, you can compare the two and evaluate the gap between your actual performance and your expected performance. If the gap is too big, then this means something is drastically wrong with your Instagram marketing strategy or its implementation. If the gap is little, then it means that your strategy is working but with some corrective action, you can hit the expected number. Taking Corrective Actions And Closing The Gap The final step of Instagram marketing control is to figure out how to close the gap between the actual performance and the expected performance. These incremental small gaps can become huge in the long run and can badly affect your chances of achieving your goals. That’s why it becomes important to deal with these gaps at the beginning of their first appearance itself. Start by figuring out why there is a gap? Is there a problem with your Instagram marketing strategy? Is it not implemented well? Are you struggling with resources? Or are there any unexpected business environment changes? If it’s the last case, do you have any contingency plan ready for that? If it’s something else, what is your plan B? Whenever there is any need, you have to change your marketing actions according to that. If the gap remains too big even after all your efforts, you can consider even changing your goals. Maybe you have set up a very unrealistic goal or a goal that is not relevant according to your current business position and in such cases, it’s much better to have a goal that is achievable. why instagram marketing failed Why Did Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Fail? Generally, there are two main reasons for an Instagram marketing failure. One of the reasons can explain why your Instagram marketing strategy failed. No or ineffective Instagram marketing strategy No or poor Instagram marketing control The reason your Instagram marketing strategy failed is because you forgot to create a unique Instagram marketing strategy or implement Instagram marketing control. The problem with not having effective marketing control is that you will never know if your Instagram is going in a direction that is bringing you closer to your goals or farther away from those. Many times you continue doing all those ineffective things on your Instagram and your performance gap keeps on widening and soon it becomes very tough to close. The most important point to remember is that marketing control is as important as marketing strategy and they both work hand in hand. So, don’t start your strategy right now and your marketing control after 6 months. Those 6 months can either bring tremendous positive ROI on your Instagram marketing efforts or can even bring negative ROI. Here’s what you can do: start with setting up your Instagram goals. Then, decide your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can best reflect your performance. Which KPIs Should You Measure For Your Instagram Marketing? When I say KPIs, I mean those data numbers that can measure your goals. For example, organic followers, reach impressions, likes, engagement rate, or something else. For example, if you are an e-commerce business owner, Product Button Click as a part of the Instagram shop is a good KPI for you. Another important KPIs can be how many people have shared your post or saved your post. Engagement rate is also a good KPI but only if it’s authentic. If you’re getting engagement like ‘nice post’, ‘good post’, etc.. then I’m sorry to say that those are not authentic engagement. Many times they are bots and many other times they are a ‘cry’ for comment on my Instagram post because I commented on yours.’ why did your instagram marketing failed Conclusion Just like peas and carrots, marketing strategy and marketing control go well together. You can’t have an Instagram marketing strategy without having Instagram marketing control or vice versa. Instagram marketing strategy fails when there is a problem with any of those two things: bad strategy or bad control. Marketing control is a four-step process of measuring your performance and then closing the gap between the actual and the expected results. This is generally done by focusing on some core KPIs that can measure your goals and performance on Instagram. If data is something that scares you away, you can get in touch with us and we will help you find insights by mining your Instagram data. Who knows what opportunity for your business you will end up discovering there?